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Brian Wilson

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  • Brian Wilson has a background in nuclear power engineering and control system design.
  • In 1966 he became a founding member of the Department of Systems Engineering at the University of Lancaster, where he pursued the application of control principles to management problem solving.
  • There he was involved in the development and use of Human Activity Systems and ‘verbs in the imperative’ in place of mathematics as the modelling language for the intellectual processes involved and maintained particular interest in the application of SSM to information and organisation-based analysis. This research was published as his first book in ‘Systems: Concepts, Methodologies and Applications’.
  • In 1992 he founded his own consulting company, Brian Wilson & Associates, where he continued to develop and apply his unique brand of SSM. Not only did he lay the foundation for the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) standard Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), his work has also resulted in his second book ‘SSM Conceptual Model Building And Its Contribution’.
  • He has been involved with a number of organisations in both the private and public sector. Most recently, his involvement has been with macro issues and the transformational government agenda for central and local government organisations, including NHS, Children Services, Police, and MoD.
  • Brian is Honorary Professor at Cardiff University and works exclusively for Koios Group.

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